Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What would the homeowner association say about this?

WHAT an inspiration!
(Of course, maybe we should start a garden out back first...)

Here's an article about the "cultivated yard":,8599,1816764,00.html

Oh what I wouldn't do to have this front yard.
There were some interesting facts:
  1. The average salad travels 1400 mile to your door.
  2. They get 6000lbs of vegetables and fruit on 4300 square feet.
  3. They cook with a solar oven outside.
  4. They live in the burbs of Pasadena CA


Proud Mama said...

I am starting to think you don't listen to me :) I have been talking about this for a bit now - there are a few people on the permaculture group that have this here - one guy in Gilbert gets letters occasionally from the town and has been on the news. I totally want a edible yard. Perhaps with the next house...

Karen said...

Sounds like Urban Farm in Phoenix. I think Leslie knows the guy who owns the house...