Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hi this is another guest post my me, Leigh and i am goin to blog about a AWESOME weekend i just had

                                                 Our Trip was 98% beach.....

                                                     And the rest was feeding the seagulls

                                                        At OB

                                           Catching the waves dude

                                             (left to right) Rachel,Me and Mary

                                                At La Jolla

                                                     Me and Rachel walked to the peir and
                                                                        ate at the cafe

                                                        On the back a guy put our name
                                                                on a sand castle he built
                                                                          for free

                                             I may look happy but i am not lol

                                             The weekend ended with a pinata

                                                  Love to all and all a goodnight