Thursday, July 24, 2008

Full Circle

On October 29, 2006, my son was born in a blow up fishy pool in our bedroom.

C's first time in the pool: (with L looking on)

Recently I came across a post about something completely different and the blogger had her birth pool on top of her trampoline--which is where mine ended up after C was born and we had sanitized it. It sat in the hot desert sun for a week to make sure it was clean and then it was deflated and put away.

Being as it is over 100 degrees most days here right now, we do a lot of swimming. We typically go to a pool in our community as we can walk to one and bike to another.
I thought, "Why not just swim at home some days?"
We do have a smaller, shallower plastic pool to use but I have not been filling it due to mosquitoes.
(There were a good number of bites on the boy after a night in our bedroom with a stray bug flying around)
Normally there are not mosquitoes here much but we are in the height of monsoon season.
Both children were game, so we pumped up the pool and filled it with water. Oh the fun we had! We have passed on our trampoline so it rested right in the yard.

C and L's second time in the pool:

We drained it onto the grass at one end and tomorrow we will drain it onto grass at the other end. We pulled buckets of water out first to water our small garden.

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JustALittleBit_Me said...

Full circle, indeed. :::tears up:::