Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting around in Baja

Because Bryce takes the car everyday to work,
we have had to rely on other forms of transportation.
Sometimes we have friends give us rides,
but mostly we taxi it.

Taxis in Baja are CHEAP
And by cheap, I mean 11-13pesos each way (about a buck)
Leigh has become proficient in her Spanish to be able to get us where we need to go
There are taxicabs (cars) that are a bit more, you pay for comfort.

Most of the taxis are vans...not the newest models...
stuffed with as many people they will hold

Our favorite ones have been what I can only describe as "the short bus"
they are the most comfortable and seem to be the best drivers.

They write where their destination is on the window and the fare on the front.
12.00- local, 16.00- La Mision
They have a wide variety of entertaining signs also.
We saw one last week that said, "After each stop, check for sleeping children under seats." In English.
 Or this one:

Also in English, when most of the passengers and drivers only speak Spanish..

Makes you feel real safe.

People bring all kinds of stuff on too.
This guy got on around Popotla (fishing area)
with a 5 gallon bucket of fish.


Leigh riding the bus/taxi.


Ack!  Sorry for the delay in posting.
We have been busy with doing stuff and also our WiFi has been wonky to non existent
I did receive a phone that has 3G (more like 2G in Mx)
and international texting and that has been helpful
Thanks Babe!

Recently on a trip to CA, the kids purchased pool tubes
and have been loving them!!