Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

I have no inspiring blog today filled with ideas and the wonderful things we did to commemorate the day.

We just got up, relaxed, colored, rode to the splash pad down the greenbelt and played in the water.

W have been talking lately how our current living situation is a lot more lower impact than we once were. By living in a condo right now, we are 'sharing' a lot of resources that we would otherwise be using solo.

Of course that will change once we move but we will continue to be as low impact as we can there.

Here's a great Earth Day link from Optimum Health via No Impact Man
called Thirty One Tips to reducing your Impact While Saving Money

There are some interesting ideas there.

The kids in there chosen 'green' clothes..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Famous children:

I want to one of those mamas who write pages of witty prose or reflective lines or overly flowery, deep or intelligent dedicated tomes on each of their childrens' birthdays; or composes personal letters to them yearly (posted on their public blogs to the whole WWW), but well, I'm not.

Actually I don't even want to be come to think of it.

Today was Leigh's day. She was five. We let her decide what she wanted to do.

We started by visiting our friend Casey at his job (Office Max)

She's like me in that respect, all things office supply are fascinating! I especially like the displays there, so artfully arranged!

Anyway, next we went and played at the Chandler Mall play area while we waited for the Lego store to open!

She spent 45 minutes deciding on something in there.

She ended up getting a set and a PAB cup full of bricks. She even picked out something for Carson to get.

Then on to the Souper Salad for lunch
followed by the Dino museum. (Carson picked those two things for his birthday and she wanted to do the same.)

She put together a woolly mammoth puzzle with her daddy

We came home, [played with Legos for a bit then went to Chipotle for dinner.

By the time we got home from all of that, everyone was spent and there were some overly tired kids in the house. It was not too soon by the time we were ion bed and asleep.

It was 102 today in Scottsdale...I can't believe we are in the 100s already. Summer is on the way!
Tomorrow is Earth Day. I'll post more on our activities then.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg hunts

Being a vegan, we didn't dye any eggs this year.
The kids still got to go to TWO different egg hunts:

The first was on Saturday at our friend Sandy's townhouse community.
They are very outgoing there.
The rain didn't deter anyone.
And they have old school playground equipment...nice!

Those eggs were filled with change.

The kids made enough to get Sonic slushies and a bag of suckers!

The SECOND egg hunt was on Easter at my friend Ruth's picnic.

Those eggs were filled with candy!

Some of which my kids didn't like..Darn!

It was a great day for it. Not too hot or cold, about 78 degrees.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jus a big ole' expanse of green...

Climbing not discouraged

Local skaters

who needs a car?

our (almost) daily haunt