Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yeah!! Light rail came to the Valley!
We took the kids and went with a bunch of other people to ride it.

We lucked out on the westbound ride we were right behind the driver and got a great view!

Leigh liked watching for the train from the platform.

This will bring a lot of change to the Valley indeed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I don't know what tipped her off, the fake snow or the taxidermist dream of a reindeer behind the red suited guy...

Leigh: "Mom, I'm afraid that the Santa at Bass Pro Shop is not really the real Santa."
(This is the man that she told her Christmas wishes, a tea set and new clothes for Baby, to.)

After thinking a little more:
Leigh: "Why would he go to Bass Pro Shop?"

I'm thinking that maybe he fishes in the off season and they give him a good deal on tackle for his time?
Then again, why aren't MORE kids asking this? Seriously? Bass Pro Shop? Santa?
Isn't this an insult to the very lives of his four legged means of transportation?

Maybe this is his way of buying the sleigh pullers 'protection' of sorts.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

AGAIN with the photos already!

Last year, I took a quick series of photos for the cards

This year, I wanted to attempt the same thing.
They were just as excited, but more experienced in this, pose-for-a-picture type thingy. They wanted in front of the tree again, the wooden bike of Carson's again, but wanted to pick out their own clothes.

Bryce and I were not outfitted for the occasion but managed to also sit in a few pics with them.

Then there were the seriously posed, solo shots.
Man my kids are getting to be hams...

I have been neglectful lately with blogging so I'll have to catch up everyone,

We had a fabulous vegan Thanksgiving!

Our menu included:
Three Sisters Stew, a traditional native American dish giving thanks for a bountiful harvest

Potato bread stuffing

Vegan green bean casserole
sweet potatoes
vegan pumpkin pie
cranberry pear apple relish

Even the kids were stuffed and ate the leftovers...once.

The day after Thanksgiving, we did the tree

and put up the outdoor lights. This is one of Leigh's favorite activities...along with: eating sweets, opening presents, giving presents and opening cards...

We have a lot of other stuff planned as the month goes on. Here we are 14 days away and the excitement is mounting. This truly is my favorite time of year, every year
seriously, I LOVE it.