Sunday, July 6, 2008

"There's a store with JUST Legos?!"

Sooo, I have this "job" that requires me to visit different local (or chain) establishments and, well, shop there.
I was requested to visit the local Lego store this weekend.
Keep in mind:
  1. There's a Lego STORE!?
  2. I have not been inside of any mall for at least a few years for any kind of shopping
  3. I GAVE AWAY a huge tub of Legos because my daughter didn't really play with them and decided she didn't want them.
  4. There's a Lego store?
There's a Lego STORE!
So we meandered down there and both kids had a blast! I wish we would have had more time there and a lot more money to spend. I felt a serious case of affluenza
hitting me....

Some highlights included the life sized Indiana Jones made entirely out of legos.
L visited with him for a while.....

The awesome display of Duplos, almost preventing me from being able to decide for my son.. L chose
for him. He got one of the zoo sets.

There were all of these little port hole sized window top view stuff in at kid eye level. This one is a whole slew of Lego-ites. They were just all lined up in there. There was one of a garden scene, sheep grazing, people watching a movie, some really intricate sports cars and motorcycles.

They were very entertaining.

Another really cool thing about the store was the back wall. It was a whole bunch of portholes that went through to a place behind and each one was filled with different sized, shaped, colored bricks. It was called the Pick A Brick wall. You filled different sized cups with as many as you could fit and still get a lid on and they charged you 7.99 or 14.99 depending on the size.
Our friend, Aaron, helped L pick out a good selection. She was able to find some really eclectic ones.

She made me a little flower display from them.
"Here Mom, these are on a patio. You can out them on your window sill so they get sun."
I have them sitting above me as I speak.
Ah, what a fun day. I came home and then searched Craigslist for anyone 'giving away' any Duplos this week.... I'll probably have to watch Freecycle for them. C came home and played with them until bed...

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