Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fire On The Mountain

Coming back from Austin, we saw what I thought might be a fire in the desert. It was outside of Sierra Vista and this is what we saw:

It was right before sunset and it was a plume of fading sunlight drenched smoke billowing up in an almost motionless pillar. It appeared to be reaching up to the clouds to join with them.
We stopped after that view at a Denny's and the cook, who was outside on a break, told Bryce that they had been watching it for 2 days.
After we left the Denny's and headed home, we were greeted with this view on the other side of the mountain:

The entire mountain was literally on fire. It looked very surreal. We had to stop the car.
I pulled over and we took a few snaps of it but no photo could do it justice.

Living in AZ, we have wildfires every summer and are accustomed to the dropping ash and occasional waft of smoke-tinged air, but this is the closest I have ever been to one. It was pretty incredible looking, the power of nature.

Then the other night, I learned of a fire burning in the west valley and captured these photos from our carport:
This fire was across town from us and yet, the smoke from it was obscuring our view of the sun and dropping white curly ash residue onto our cars.
It was 100% contained 2 days after this was taken. "Percent Containment" is a hot topic among residents when discussing the fire season activity.....

Even L came out and took pics with her Fisher Price camera.
But, sadly, she accidentally deleted them before I could get them downloaded....

L is very excited about sunsets anyway and has enjoyed A LOT of them from this vantage point before. She has perfected the appreciation of one to an art.

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