Friday, July 25, 2008

A Four Year Old's Perspective

L: Meemaw's Gam died right mama?
Me: Yeah, she did.
L: and Meemaw was sad?
Me: Yeah, that was her mama.
L: Is she in heaven?
Me: Yeah
L: That is sad because then we won't see her anymore so she will be sad.
Me: Yeah, but she is happy there and she's not sick anymore.
(After thinking a little bit...)
L: Do they have chocolate milk there? Cuz, that would make her happy!

Later, obviously still thinking about it:
L: I know a god way to get to heaven.
Me: How's that?
L: Someone can have a kite and you could get on it and then they could let you go high and then let go. Is that a good deal?
Me: Sounds awesome
L: Then you could go to heaven at the park!

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