Monday, September 28, 2009

Not for the faint of heart..

Apparently, a super hero cape CAN make you fly....even a homemade one...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asian Inspirations

The kids and I went to Lee Lees market last week with our HS group to seek out foods of Asia. This used to be one of my favorite haunts pre-kids. It is about 2 miles from our old abode. It has a marvelous selection of vegetables and spices to behold. I hadn't been in for about 8 months though. I was reminded how much I enjoyed shopping there while we were visiting. The kids picked out plantains, bitter melon and enoki mushrooms. We also got both nori wraps and rice paper wraps.
We sauteed the plantains and the kids thought they were 'ok' I think they were expecting them to taste exactly like bananas...
The enokis we sauteed with some cabbage and bean sprouts and rice and made spring rolls.

Both kids liked the spring rolls though

We also purchased some Indian foods that we had eaten before out but never cooked. We had bhaji and idli for dinner another night.

The nori sheets, we used just tonight to make some sushi like rolls for dinner. There was leek and tofu in them along with white basmati rice.

Both kids tried them but only Carson ate the whole thing...