Monday, May 4, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

We had an excellent view of the lunar eclipse from our roof top deck!
It has been a little bit since then but the pictures were too excellent not to share.

The kids were not as excited as Bryce but they did bring blankets out of bed up to the roof and check it out...for a little bit anyway.

California Dreaming

One day when the kids and I went up to a homeschooling event in the states (and left daddy in the other country...)  we visited the cute little beach town of Imperial Beach.  It is very close to the border and because it was a very turbulent sky, it was basically deserted.  It was the funkiest little town and I think we will visit again

Monday, April 27, 2015

Family Celebration of Life

We stuck with our tradition of celebrating with our birthday ring
 and dinner chosen by the birthday person.

Leigh chose angel hair pasta.

There were two number '1's on the ring this year!

Then for the gifts.  There was one special one that she had REALLY been hoping for
but was still surprised to see.

Another year in the life

One more year for Leigh!
She planned her birhday party with homeschool friends at a park in Chula Vista.
She chose a spring theme and planned a game of pin the flower on the stem

with snacks for all

Excellent fruit cake made by Rose, mom of one of the homeschooling families from Tijuana

yellow and blue cupcakes

and finished up with a pinata filled with all sorts of interesting things.

I'm pretty sure she had a good day, spent with good friends

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hi this is another guest post my me, Leigh and i am goin to blog about a AWESOME weekend i just had

                                                 Our Trip was 98% beach.....

                                                     And the rest was feeding the seagulls

                                                        At OB

                                           Catching the waves dude

                                             (left to right) Rachel,Me and Mary

                                                At La Jolla

                                                     Me and Rachel walked to the peir and
                                                                        ate at the cafe

                                                        On the back a guy put our name
                                                                on a sand castle he built
                                                                          for free

                                             I may look happy but i am not lol

                                             The weekend ended with a pinata

                                                  Love to all and all a goodnight

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A measure of Goodwill

A good will wedding!
Two of our friends who are avid Goodwillers, decided to get hitched at Goodwill in Tempe
This past week.  (on Valentine's Day actually)
They sent out invites to a "scavenger hunt"  and after the teams were divied up and everybody had their items collected and the winners were announced....they broke out the news that there was going to be a wedding!!
(I had insider info that this was happening....I kinda knew the officient..;-)

Elvis even showed up

Group of friends

Tommy and Lia Noble

The wedding party

Following that celebration, we walked over to Sweet Tomatoes for the "reception" and then loaded up and headed to the Kiwanis park for some outdoor fun.

Boys' paddleboat

Girls paddleboat

Silly Girls

Selfie with the boys