Friday, May 16, 2008

TV Free- week 2

So, L told me a couple of times this week that she is glad the TV is gone. She says she misses watching movies sometimes but, "I like to read more mommy."
We went to the pool for the first time today and it was just as awesome as we remember it!

We saw our old friends who live near there also.

SO we really are trying to do other things.
  • we planted a bunch of tomato seedlings (and they are actually taking!)
  • have tried to stay on top of our compost
  • hacked the side yard plants down
  • sewed a 1st bday present for a friend
  • got cracking on estimates for the master bath remodel (who knew all of the ideas we would hear and the cost we could incur here!)
  • walked and rode bikes (dusted off the trailer)
  • cooked and baked after cleaning out the fridge (some lovely baby bok below)
  • shopped for cars (more on that in another post)
  • entertained and visited numerous friends
  • and just rested some. And some more, leisurely
So I have felt pretty productive even though there is not too much tangible evidence of our business.
I think the bigger challenge will be the computer. I have been on it more this week and find myself doing more on line things when I could be reading or doing other things. I would like to get back to my early morning read and then move off it for the day.

We are also going to go on an out and out clutter war in the coming months to downsize our interior things. There are some things that I have placed too much value on and have not been willing to let go of. I'm hoping to change that.

Living Simply with Children
has been a great resource for me and I have continued to read Affluenza, as depressing as it is sometimes....It is the book club selection of the month so I will be discussing it with a bunch of other people in a couple of weeks.
I want to do a post just on that coming up, trying to gather my thoughts on it.

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