Thursday, May 15, 2008

Camera back!

My camera is fixed!!
Best buy has finally called. Tomorrow would have been 2 weeks and I was getting antsy. I never realized how much I actually used the thing! My 4 year old has been picking up the slack though. She has taken an entire gallery of photos...

She really captured some interesting every day things.
The We'll-replace-your-camera-even-if-you-leave-it-on-the-top-of-your

Totally. worth. it!!

The whole reason that the camera was broken was because L wanted to see if she could hold open the lens when she shut it off and It retracted.

I gotta give her credit, it took her SIX tries, but she was persistent and got it!
Of course, once the lens is forever open, apparently, the camera will then refuse to take pictures. Maybe it is just so irritated that a 4 year old could foil the lens-closing mechanism..
THAT is the first pic that Hubby took to test camera at Best Buy.
Kinda a nanny nanny booboo to Canon and Best Buy for promising us the fix or replace.
And that is the last photo that I'm putting on this blog post because my mom reads and she has Windows BC (AKA Dial-up) and it'll take her for-ever to get them all. So that she can call me and give me her opinion and comment on my post via cell phone..

Any money on how long before I'm back there again dealing with the juvenile geek squad guys?

Tomorrow I promise a post with some more substance.
Tonight, I'm tired.

I still have to read my favorite other bloggers yet before bed!

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