Monday, May 12, 2008

If Your Appliances Are Avocado, They Probably Aren’t Green

NY Times article

love it!!
I just had to repeat this title, maybe it'll be the new standard for deciding on the energy efficiency of old appliances..

I always wonder if it makes more sense to wear out my appliances that I already have and then when they go, replace them with more energy efficient models. Then I'm keeping the landfills free of them a bit longer. Apparently though, there is a booming parts business for appliances out there.
My washer is a HE FL that I bought a few years back and instead of replacing it when it was bust this year, we replaced the whole drum instead. I was PISSED that I had to do that so soon but the more I think about it, the more I'm glad that I didn't buy a new one instead.
AND, the drum we replaced is out back and I think I may plant flowers in it!!

I think that things like, buying a new belt out of recycled materials when your old belt is still functioning is ridiculous though. Your old, first-run-materials belt is not using any additional energy or creating a bigger 'footprint' just sitting on your waist....
I think that the new rush of 'eco chic' (I've heard it called..) just promotes more of the same rampant consumerism. That's why I have an internal struggle with buying new reusable bags...I tend to just purchase second hand at the thrift store bags instead.
I think this should be required viewing by anyone wanting to buy ANYTHING, eco friendly or not..
It is one of my favorite quick films.

I still have yet to send Sears photos of my washer tub along with a scathing letter. Maybe I'm getting soft? No, must just be tired...

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RhoRho said...

I think I could learn a lot from you. My concern is that the term "green" will soon become cliche from being soooo overused. But here we are trying to be...fuschia. Isn't that a green? And, thanks for the comment!