Friday, May 23, 2008

Desert Gardening

I don't want you to get the idea from the post title that I have the slightest idea how to grow anything in the desert southwest...

I rely on others for that.
We have been composting and pot gardening this year.
(I almost can't resist the urge to say, "She said 'pot'!")

ANYWAY, we have planted a few seedlings that were bequeathed to us from our friend Eddie and I hope that we can keep them going. We planted toms, peppers, and flower seeds. We also have a rescue plant, a parsley that was headed for the great big compost in the sky via Home Depot's trash.
The kiddos like watering them and checking them daily. They are excited to see how much they've grown each day and to check the soil.
The girl really likes watering the compost too. She has learned to hold her hand above the pile to feel the heat emanating from it.

So, yeah, it's not gonna feed our family (Not even one of us..) this year, but we'd like to get at least back to where we were 10 years ago.
Bryce and I had a rocking little patch. We even grew corn that year!
ONE monsoon wiped 75% of it out...we were actually in a plane circling the airport, unable to land because of the extreme gusts below..oye

So here's a sampling from my friend Sandy's garden.
She is the closest thing to a pioneer that I know. She single handedly raises enough stuff to feed a few families worth of people.


Jessica said...

Your little garden looks pretty nice to me. I don't have anything going this year. I'm waiting until we move, but then it might be too late. Sad. Instead I joined a community garden.
I used to rescue plants like that all the time when I worked for a garden center in high school. Memories.

Karen said...

I didn't like reading about being in the plane during a storm. Only happy flying stories. My stomach & heart would have evacuated my body if I had to spend a storm circling an airport...can you grow carrots? I love carrots.