Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Encouraging news

I caught this breastfeeding initiation increasing in my news feed today and was pleasantly surprised! I know, I know, the glass half empty people and the high expectations people will be poopooing because the continuing rates are not changed....sigh.
I believe in the "progress not perfection" model myself. This essentially means that MORE babies are getting AT LEAST SOME breastmilk. Not everyone will breastfeed their 4 year old or even their 6 or 9 month old, BUT more women are breastfeeding their 1 day to 6 week olds. I am encouraged. All I can do is continue to support moms in making this decision, moms who may or may not have that kind of exposure in their lives.

And to those moms who are nursing like champs.....
BRAVO My friends!!
We're changing the world!

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