Thursday, April 17, 2008

1 of the HUNDREDS of reasons I love Ikea!!

No more plastic bags!

They are gonna do away with them!
Now if only they would reduce other packaging in their products

Man, I just LOVE that place though!


jen said...

Go Ikea!! Last time I was there there was some grumpy old dude who was bitching to the check-out lady about having to buy his plastic bag. Wonder what he'll say NOW? Mwwwaaahahaha!

Karen said...

Ikea broke my heart yesterday...the meatball plate was different. The lingonberry sauce was replaced with lingonberry jelly! And the red potatoes were mashed, but they tasted like they were mixed with box mashed potatoes. BOXED! The shopping part was still good, but the lunch was just not the same. Sniff sniff.