Thursday, April 24, 2008

True Friendship

I have discovered over the last 4 years of my life the meaning of true friendship: (Bear with me as I try to correctly use the 'bullet' feature.)
A true friend will:
  • Bring you Spaghetti and meatballs upon hearing that you have mastitis (The good home made kind of balls because that is how she cooks....)
  • Struggle (with another friend) at almost 9 months pregnant to smash your impulse As Is Ikea purchase into the back of second friend's van just so you can get it home.
  • when you show up to support her at a hospital in a time of motherly need, produce a wonderfully thoughtful gift for YOU and your soon to arrive baby.
  • Never give you crap for the sheer quantity of strollers you have been through in 4 years, even if its just so you wont give them shit for their, um, 'collections' (can anyone say carriers, diapers, yarn, fabric, sewing machines, pez dispensers, etc..)
  • talk you down when you call them before opening up a can of whoop ass on your 3 year old that you know you would regret later, reminding you of what you want to teach your children.
  • bring you a babyfood jar of lecithin (also for the mastitis) with hand written directions on it.
  • Call you from Goodwill when they see something on your 'list'.
  • support your attempts and help you move towards ideals in raising a healthy family and then meet you at In and Out Burger when you need it.
  • Drink coffee for you when you've just had enough.
  • Share recipes with you and dishes and ingredients and substitutions
  • let you tell them how you REALLY feel about something and know that you will not be judged.
  • Feed your kids when you show up at their house unannounced, clothe them when they decide the bathroom is too far away and accept them like their own even if they are being poopyheads to their children.
I guess that is why I belong to a tribe. They are my people. They got my back. I can't imagine life without them.
How do you know a friend? What has someone done for you that says they are a true friend?
Funny, this post started out about the meatballs and just grew from there

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Karen said...

Well, among other things a friend has been a person who has driven down in a time of motherly need when she should be resting up for pushing a baby out of their yoni.

Oh, and collecting a life size card board cut out of Elvis and then carefully transporting him (with a seat belt perhaps) just to spread joy and cheer.

Thank you for all of the reminders. We do have your back!