Thursday, June 5, 2014

Second Sunset

Sunset our first night from our deck

On our second night here in Baja California, Mexico,there was a low fog which prevented a true sunset.

just before sunset above the fog

2nd sunset

We're finding our way.  Mostly trying to settle in and figure out what we need to know to be here daily.
I had some difficulty accessing my blog, I was diverted to several times and it was completely in Spanish!
Today we unloaded and unpacked some boxes, explored our new area and just generally rested.
Leigh did go boogie boarding for a while though.
Carson followed a spider around and photo documented it..I'll post that another time.

walkway down to cove

Carson Scootering around the grounds

Tonight we're going to just relax at home and enjoy the cool breeze.  All windows open.
Bryce will be heading across the border tomorrow to run some stateside errands.

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