Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Learning the language

The second question people ask me when I tell them we are moving to Mexico is, "Do you speak Spanish?"

(The first one is: "Is that safe?"  because, you know, we're in the habit of taking our kids to unsafe places and all..)

So we have been honing our Spanish as best we can.
The kids have picked out some literature since we had a good amount of Barnes and Nobles gift cards to use up.

 Leigh has had fun witth the Dummies one
The other one has a disc with it.
But by far our favorite book has been the following:

I swear it has most every word that you can think of!
They are all divided into categories

 It even talks about states and emotions...

We have had the most success with retention from
Leigh LOVES doing this on her Ipod...

Tengo que hacer la comida ahora. ¡Tenga una buen noche!

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