Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 Sometimes I forget that Bryce has made a lot of sacrifices to be here in Mexico.
Sometimes I remember and forget to tell him that I am grateful.
He spent the 1st couple of weeks moving all of our stuff here from Chula Vista.
He crossed the border everyday, finding the best way to go, waiting hours at a time, alone.
He then would have to load everything into the car by himself, and wait with it through inspection 
to bring it back into Mexico; so we would have what we needed.
He now leaves every morning before any of us are even awake to go to work.
we are lucky that we can enjoy just 'hanging out at the beach' all day.
he comes home tired, after driving back across the border to home.
The kids and I have it easy because he works hard.
I love you babe, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

How is he enjoying his new job? Your pictures are so beautiful. I can almost smell the ocean!