Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tide Pools and 'crabbing'

So, last night at sunset, we went down to the beach and investigated the tide pools a little.
This is one of the kids favorite activities.
They are amazed at the sheer volume of crabs that are in and around the areas.
There are dozens of tide pools formed along the rocky outcrops of the Baja coast.

Today, we went back down this morning when the tide was really low and crawled around trying to see as much as possible.

I got some really good shots of some of the crabs,

 along with the rows of anemones lining the pools.

There are a multitude of snails and mussels also residing in the pools.

There is always a new adventure there!

The kids also decided to check out the hermit crab 'hotel' that has formed in a pool that is farther in towards the shore.  Real hermit crabs in their natural environment...hmm, none of them have those fluorescent shells you see in the boardwalk shops...


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