Friday, June 6, 2014

Hmm... thats new {GUEST POST from Leigh B}

Hi I'm Leigh, I'm doing a guest post. I have done something new; move to Mexico.  I love it here, its never hot like my old home in AZ USA, but its also hard in some ways, it's very hard to communicate, we're learning;  but its always worth it to live on the beach.
a lovely morning 
 The house we are renting is very nice and neat.  I also have to share a room with my brother, its hard to sleep with him in our room, he snores, (we all snore in my family I've found) but we make the best of it, we also made a fort
our fort

so I guess its all well

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Anonymous said...

Hey leigh it's rhiannon I miss you a lot and I wish I could live by the ocean too and cool fort! :)