Sunday, April 29, 2012

Off the schizzle (celebration #4)

Leigh shares a birthday with one of her best friends, Maddy.
This year Maddy's adults, Deana and Andrew,

Deana (cake baker extraordinaire) and Andrew (master bounce house setter-upper)

decided that they wanted to throw a blowout for Maddy
What better place to do it then the park across the street, the sight of so many epic events!

(I should mention now that Deana doesn't do anything small.)

The birthday cake Deana decided to bake, the day before, just for the heck of it....

It started out tame,
 then there was mention of a carnival theme.
We have some friends who possess things and do things
I mean, seriously, doesn't everyone need to know at least one person who has
a bounce house?  or cotton candy machine?
With a carnival you need certain 'things', like:

Willy's Creations, Inc...Awesome!

face painting

Maddy with friend

bounce houses

Janel (owner of the bounce house) and Shardae (mother of that super cute little blond boy!)

cotton candy

Mary, cotton candy goddess

a magician


and of course, being hot, after the park soiree, there was a couple more hours of swimming to be added
(which included a hose/super soaker/water bucket war with the neighbors over the fence..)

Somehow, we also ended up with 2 hamsters (now named Cutie and Lily)
and two goldfish (now named Goldzena and Goldzilla)
So, how awesome did it get?

Pretty awesome.
My big worry now is that I surely raised the bar for birthday parties in this house
When Carson's rolls around, I might be in trouble...he might expect a hayride/ circus/ petting zoo thing....

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