Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friends of ours

I have been realizing lately that we have quite an eclectic variety of friends.  I tried to put them into different categories but for the most part, they defy sorting.

We have been married for a long time and have gathered friends during that time that follow our interests in music, art, travel, and lifestyle.
Some of these friends overlap into our chosen parenting style also.  Although some of our earlier friends do not have children or parent slightly different than us.
 Then there are friends that do not have the same interests in general things and yet share common goals with us, people that I never would have met or crossed paths with but have come to know and enjoy having in my life, brought together only by circumstances or similar sets of happenings.
People that I can't imagine not knowing now, that have enriched and changed my life in multiple ways.


I guess it's true what they say, "we find our people".  And those people who are true will still be there.  But as interests change and directions in life are diverted, so do your "people". 

The Best Man

Anyway, we went to a wedding this weekend of two of our friends who fit into several of those "categories"

The ceremony was:

started off with the Serenity Prayer
ended with a traditional blessing
included a talking stick circle
kid friendly


The reception was:
drum circle inclusive
alcohol free
full of vegetarian (and meat) options
laid back and relaxed

Drum Circle

 and it ended with a sparkler and chanting send off!
Good time had by all.

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