Sunday, April 22, 2012

Actual Birth Date celebration (# 3 if you are counting...)

Leigh's actual birth date is 4/21,
since I had to work early on that morning,
we had a dinner with our traditional birthday ring and gifts the night before.


She picked chicken tacos...*seeing a theme here*, had our friend Amy over, opened gifts.

She got some coveted gifts, such as Heelys from one grandma and an MP3 from her other grandma.

 One of my dear talented friends also made her a pair of knit covered headphones (keeps them from tangling..)in her favorite color, purple, using some hand spun soft wool yarn that I had.

We also got her a State Quarter Map.  They have both been fanatically collecting the state and territory quarters and are only short 2 of the 4 territories.  Through the generosity of all of our friends, we were able to locate all 50 states.   Now they are moving onto the America the Beautiful quarters.  These are also giving them travel ideas....

Just one more party left.  Yeah, we like to celebrate birthdays here.
I'll update on what we did on her actual birth date also soon.  It had nothing to do with her birthday but was one of the most fun celebrations that we ever participated in!

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