Thursday, August 14, 2008

Since 1976..

We have had the same bathroom.

We haven't lived here but 15 of those years though.
Our master bath was so bad that we had to lift the shower doors to slide them and turn the shower head just right so it would not spray out of the shower.
I stopped cleaning the corrosion from the door bottoms months ago.

We had cemented in tile that was like a checker board.
There were 3 different colors of paint behind the potty.
The FINAL straw (of many final straws..)
was the last of the two sinks ceased to be functional..

So now, we had a long marble vanity that was being used as a bookshelf/dresser/table sort of thing.

We contacted this really cool and super nice dude, Paul, (who is also a licensed contractor) and got to work.

They built me a new tiled shower

and tiled the floors and painted the whole bathroom (Pecan Sandy--same as our bedroom).

They also put in new faucets and painted the vanity (Cottage White).

I am so happy to relax in the new shower after a long hot day...
What have I learned?
All your bits get fully cleaned!

**disclaimer: this post is mainly for my family. I am hoping that my lovely travertine shower will beckon them here to visit soon....

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Nancy said...

Oh my GOSH it is gorgeous!!!