Friday, August 8, 2008

"But, don't you miss pizza?"

Well, NO.
Tonight we enjoyed a great vegan pizza!

The crust we picked up from Fresh and Easy. It's their whole wheat pizza crust. The kids helped me roll it out and then we covered it with a jar tomato sauce and added olive oil and fresh herbs (basil, oregano and parsley) I chopped up an eggplant and half an onion and had the kids scatter them on the top. (Just on half because L doesn't like anything on her pizza...)

On top of that we drizzled "Cheezy Sauce", a recipe from my Veganomicon
It had nutritional yeast, garlic, olive oil, vegetable broth, wheat flour, salt and pepper.
It also called for thyme but I was sadly out of it.
I sprinkled a little dried basil on top and off to the oven it went for 12 minutes at 450.

It was scrunptious. L ate all of hers. Maybe it had somehting to do with her plate choice though.

Oh, yeah, that's a vegan Parmesan topping that we bought at the store a while back. L likes it sometimes.

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Summer said...

I've never had vegan cheese, and honestly I'm a bit scared. I LOVE cheese, it has to taste just right and have that perfect melty quality.