Friday, August 22, 2008

French Bread Pizzazz

We have been, for a while now, having pizza every friday. It uses up the extra vegetables before our next morning basket pick up and is a fun way to end the week.

We've tried different combinations of crusts and toppings; whole wheat dough, pie dough, tortillas, and other flat breads.

This week, I got a loaf of Rosemary bread from Fresh N Easy
thought about slicing it length wise but instead sliced it into pieces
I used some tomato sauce left over from pasta, spiced it up with added oregano, basil and olive oil.

For the toppings, I used mushroom and broccoli beneath a mixture of thyme, nutritional yeast, and ground parsley. Yummy!

Anything that my daughter will eat, I consider a success.

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