Monday, August 25, 2008

Be Berry Berry Quiet...

We're doing a "letter of the week" over here by popular demand.
This week is the letter B.

We went out today and I told the kids that we could only pick things that began with the letter B
SO at GW, they found a pencil Box, a pair of Boots, a mug with a picture of Bats on it and a Book about animals.

The 70s "LOVE" mug was a special purchase for 0.69 because after I read the bottom of it, I had to have it!!

(I also caved on this little number because they were having a good time on it....tomorrow we'll need to get a Battery and charger for it so it's still a B AND, it was only a Buck!!)

L also fond some tiny hair clips that we're calling Barrettes for today..Her and C were both sporting them today.

We had Bananas and Brown rice cereal for breakfast.
For lunch, they had Bread with cashew Butter on it and celery dipped in Baba Gonoush.

Tomorrow we'll be taking the Bus to the grocery store and buying some B things.
We're also going to do a "b sound box"
based on this book by Jane Belk Moncure.

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jen said...

Wow - need action shots with the pink cowgirl boots!