Monday, August 25, 2008


So in the past 2 days, I received a phone call from both of my sisters--not unusual--I talk to both of them regularly...
My one sister, I'll call her "T", called to tell me couple of things.
Number one that there was an article on home birth on the front page of the local paper where they are. (That didn't paint home birthers as a bunch of fringe lunatics)
And also to tell me that she met a guy at a bar and he not only had the same birthday as me but he was also a vegan!
She then went on to tell me about the whole discussion she had with the vegans there about what is (drinking) vegan and what is not (smoking) vegan.

She told me all of this while burning food and using profanity (including the F word) at my parents' house.

Saturday, before I talked to "T", my other sister called.
We'll call her "P" (for Princess).
She had been having a discussion with her co workers about vegan ism and someone had said about honey not being vegan.
She wondered why because she loves honey.
I told her that bees die in the production of honey. Well, she didn't know that! Nor did she know that there are bee parts in honey...I guess you learn something new everyday.

When she called, I was out so I came home to look up some references for her and got a lot of information about "what is and isn't vegan"

This one from The Smoking Vegan blog is a little provocative...
(You don't need to read that one mom, the gist is that "smoking is not vegan supposedly but they don't care".....)

Here's an interesting FAQ on general vegan nutrition

Here's the best explanation on the honey issue I have found

Here's a quick debate on the Honey issue

So this ended up as a reading assignment but it was easier than trying to explain it all in my own words when others have already done it so well!

And maybe my sisters will figure out how to use the comment application and actually give some feedback on this post I wrote for them.

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