Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spending the day with Aunt T

While in Austin, Aunt T was also visiting.  She was glad to be there to support 'Kelsi Little Day'
and visit with her niece and nephew.
We decided to take a day away while she was there and went down to San Antonio to explore.

We went to the Witte Museum , where they had several exhibits that really appealed to our kids...
(That's Carson virtual jump roping and Aunt T tracking her stamina in the Body adventure exhibit)

There was also the Grossology exhibit, which also was popular....especially with Aunt T!

There were other aspects of the museum that we enjoyed also.
We were outside on the grounds really enjoying the foliage and stuff out there too.
Leigh nervously riding the balance bike way above the ground...

The most awesome tree terrace in the world!

With a peaceful pathway underneath
 Carson got really involved with an elaborate waterway system of damns and passage ways and spent a lot of time with diverting water.  He worked at this for a good while.

When we got back to Austin, we picked up daddy and went to 
Aunt T's new favorite Mexican restaurant...

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