Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Friends visiting

The temperature here has been UNUSUALLY freezing cold...
Houses here typically don't have heat (or AC) because you really don't need it.
We have two portable heaters; electric and gas; which crank out quite a bit of heat.
After the cold of the night, the sun of the day will mostly heat house back up also.
So we pretty much just use the heaters before we go to bed.

Anyway, friends of ours from AZ (you know--the desert) 
decided they were coming for a bit of a visit this weekend so we encouraged them to bring WARM clothes.  They did and we found that doubling the size of our household is also an effect heat source.

We spent a lot of time exploring during their short visit.
Leigh and Max

Puffer fish who didn't survive the recently erratic surf

high tide, but low swells

mural on beach front house break wall
looking for shells
The Beach, downtown Rosarito, the coastal areas.

custom made didgeridoo on boardwalk in Playas

posing with friends at dolphin statue in Playas

border fence....continues down into the ocean

art on border fence

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