Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kelsi to the Baja

**This post is a copy of the post that Bryce posted on the Facebooks...**

Kelsi Bartley Little wanted to visit family in Baja California, Mexico. 
She was never healthy enough to make the trip. 
We take Kelsi with us in heart and spirit every where we go. 
Today we scattered some of her ashes in the tide of the Pacific ocean. 
An important ceremony for us as we continue to celebrate her life, grieve her loss, and make the most of our lives each day. We miss you Kelsi. — at Rosarito Baja California, Mexico

Family gathering on the beach

Sunset 1/18/15

sunset 1/18/15

Bryce scattering into the tide

Leigh scattering

Carson scattering with Daddy

Kelsi and her mom

Name in the sand

Always remembered

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