Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A great loss

During my spell of not chronicling our lives, we had many changes occur.
At the end of August, my former employer offered to have me come and work again for them for a little bit; back in Mesa.  
I was hesitant...I mean, leaving Mexico (79 degrees temps--beachfront) to return to the desert?
Also leaving my family for a few weeks?
Without any other solid work choices on the horizon,  we decided to do it. 
 Bryce would experience a respite from working while I went and worked.
It would be a good period for us.  
So after a discussion, I headed back to AZ

Several weeks later, Bryce got a call that Aunt Kelsi, who was valiantly fighting breast cancer in Texas, was not doing well and her time left may be short.
Bryce packed up our Mexican home and headed to Texas.  I also took a short leave and headed for the lone star state towards the end of September.
Tragically, Kelsi's body had fought as hard as it could, for as long as it could.
Sadly, but peacefully with her husband, mother and brothers at her side, 
she slipped away from this world on September 26th.
The day of Kelsi's passing, not even a 1/2mile from her bedside, her dear friends and beloved family had organized and thrown a benefit for her.  The day itself was called, "Kelsi Little Day"
Here are some photos from that day:

We remembered Kelsi at her service the following week that was so well attended that it was standing room only in a very large church.
It was a testament to how much she was loved by family and friends.
Bryce and the kids stayed on in Austin for a few more weeks to help support and love on 
Memaw Bartley, Thomas and Vann.
Our lives are forever changed by this  loss but we will carry her joyful spirit with us forever.

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Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Hugs to you all. You have been constantly in my thoughts.