Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick trip to Meemaw's

The end of September:

We were able to find some cheap airline tix and head out out Meemaws for a few days.

We packed a lot of fun into the short time we were there.
We celebrated cousin Morgan's 4th bday,
went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore

the National Aquarium has banned strollers, so they provide Kelty backpacks for older babies and Kelty soft front packs for babies.
I had brought the ring sling but wanted to try out their things too. Carson obliged.

The kids loved the 'columns of bubbles'

Carson got up close and personal with sea life

They got to see the dolphin show

up close even

We got to watch the volunteers feed the sea turtle.

They told the kids that the turtle was rescued from a pile of pollution in the bay and they had to take off one of his fins to save him. He eats 8 heads of lettuce, twice a day. All the rays and the sea turtle are fed and cared for by specially trained volunteer divers.

checked out Chocolate World (that place never gets old)

I spent many a hot summer day there with friends, violating the "Keep arms and hands inside car at all times" rule repeatedly...It was (and still is) free, UNTIL they suck you in at the end of the delicious smelling 'factory tour ride' by dropping you off in an insanely large pit of chocolate products...

Of course, I found out that most of the products that I grew up *loving* are not vegan, phew!
Apparently the "special" in the Hershey's Dark is milk chocolate swirled in...

It was really surreal to see my kids doing what I grew up doing. Again, a full circle thing I guess.

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