Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic Garden

About 10ish years ago, we had a wonderful garden out back along our north wall.
We have talked about it since then. Trying to get moving on a new one.
While I was in PA last month, I decided that I was willing to get to work on a new one.
A bunch of friends lent their strength and talents to help us get it up and running.

First we needed to have a plan and measurements
We decided to place it along the east wall this time. Our north wall now houses a tree and a pretty big cactus.

Then we needed to begin by digging a trench to put in the beams for the bed edges.

Then we needed posts to edge the bed and sealer for the posts.
Bryce found a local company that provided soy based none toxic sealer.

After the beams were sealed, they needed to be cut and laid in the trenches , secured by re bar.

Next on the agenda is to get all the concrete chunks and rock out of the bed,

till the present soil and then add a load of topsoil.

Then, well, we'll plant!
We're still researching the vegetables we want to do this season...

Here's a little snippet from my childhood that has been inspiring (even though it is only marginally connected to actual gardening...):


Proud Mama said...

Looks good. WE have a screen secured by two boards for sifting if you want it.

Chris Pruitt said...

dude, that video explains a lot ;)