Friday, April 12, 2013


Leigh has played piano for a couple of years now and she wanted to add a band instrument to the mix this year.
It has been a struggle to get her to practice daily and this goal is frequently not met...
She does seem to love it and does not ever want to miss class.  She has made friends in the band and they play together, which makes me glad that I was able to get her into a group learning experience.
The homeschool enrichment program had their open house on Thursday evening and the band played a few numbers.  I was amazed at the talent of all of the kids, the newer ones have really improved A LOT since the concert in December.

Leigh's flute

On Friday while Leigh was at Girl Scouts, Carson and I went to run a couple errands in Chandler and we decided to stop and see Daddy at school on his lunch break.
Carson had picked out some Iced Tea for him so we had to add some lemon and mix....
Carson was all into that.
 Oh yeah, and sampling...can't forget to sample before you decide its good enough for Daddy...

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