Thursday, April 4, 2013

Healthy Choices

I love fortune cookies!  I love all Asian food (except some Thai)  Since I have been doing Bikram Yoga most days, I have found myself craving not sandwiches so much.  With Bryce being wheat and gluten free, we have little wheat in our home.  He also does not eat meat so we have little of that. 
So most of what I have been eating (for a while now actually) is more than slightly healthy.  Add daily juicing to that and my energy has increased and my 'aches and pains' have decreased.
Even the kids have phased out a lot of wheat products in favor of more healthy choices....most of the time.
Of course, fortune cookies are wheat so the kids usually eat ours.

We are also celebrating the opening about 5 weeks ago of what is fast becoming our go to drive through...Salad and Go !!
The kids love their salads (they can polish off a large salad between them) and the owners are SO friendly and positive.  They are always ready to talk about their place and the idea for it.

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