Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Friends

Right before Carson was born, one of my good friends had a crazy occurrence with one of her kids.
There was a lot of uncertainty and unknown scary changes going on suddenly.
A few of us did what friends do
We drove in a minivan to Tucson with a batch of kids to see her.
With Rice Krispie treats.
A couple weeks later, a baby was born and a boy had surgery
and life went on.
The boy who had surgery still has his struggles; his family in their positive joyful way deals with those struggles.
The baby grew up, there was something about the relationship between the baby and the boy...
something special.
The baby (now a boy) has some sort of connection with the boy (now a teenager)
He receives news of events about the boy (a teenager) with reflection.
And seems to know just what the boy needs to have.

Today he thought he needed 
(and an animal shaped punching balloon)

On the way home, the baby (now a boy) said
"Mom, B___ will always remember me, even when he grows up, he will still know me."

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Karen said...

Rest assured the boy (teen ager) will never forget the baby (boy). Neither will the rest of his family!