Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Say Goodbye to Hollywood

So this weekend held new adventures for the Bartley children.
They had never been to LA before so they were itching to see it!
An opportunity to go presented itself in the form of a celebration of friends.

So, off they went!
There are never a shortage of beaches in CA...and we have to experience them all, My kids are really happiest in the sand next to an endless expanse of water.

They enjoyed swimming in the ocean as usual and walking the beach.  There were some really interesting things to them about this area as opposed to San Diego area (Our preferred beach)

 One of the great times for Leigh was experiencing the street performers.  She loves participating if called to or just enjoying the action.  We see a lot of them here at home when we are in downtown Tempe.
Also OB, our usual California haunt has loads of them too.
She got to participate in a cool thing called "Jumping"....I know when she first told me, I was like, "Er, jumping for an 8 year old?  in LA? nice."
But it was actually a unique form of performance art that begged for audience participation.
She loved it!!  Now she wants to organize a local 'jumping' event...

 They also got to go to Hollywood while there and check out the stars at Mann's Chinese Theatre and beyond on the Walk of Fame.  Kids were amazed that a dog got one!
 The wax museum:  Leigh wearing her new dog hat, present from one of the guys they were with.
 And possibly Leigh's favorite place downtown...The Guinness World Record Museum  She loves anything list related and records she is especially proud of.
So, although I missed them, I worked the entire time they were gone so it went quick.  Glad they had the opportunity to go check it out!

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Heather aka Proud Mama said...

What fun! Try the Nat'l Geo Graphic Almanacs. Loads of lists and fun facts.