Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Carson Bartley Graduates!"

(It took everything inside of me not to yell that out last was almost all I could think of during the ceremony.)
(and those that know what I mean, KNOW what I mean)

So, seeing as this is the year for "over the top" in our household, we did just that with Carson's graduation from preschool.
Leigh never went to preschool so we never had this experience before.
 His last day was Thursday so when I picked him up, we headed to the Lego store!
(I had an 'assignment' there for my part time job which netted me 30 dollars in free Legos...)

He already had in mind what he wanted there (Quidditch) so he went right to it and carried around the rest of the time we were in there.
He picked out another small set and then we looked around the store for a little bit more.
There were some interesting displays at the Lego store
The employees at the Lego store are usually 'big kids' whose life long dream may have been to work there.  I mean, Come on!  It's the Lego store!!   A whole suite full of the awesome things.  So, of course, they LOVE their jobs and are so into what they do, and so talented and inspiring, you can't help but hang out there!  One of the employees had an intricate crown on his head...made out of Legos!  Carson talked with him about Legoland (we went last year) (the employee had been a dozen times)  and what their favorite things there were.  Then he did some figure building before we paid for the purchases.  Bag in head, we headed out to the mall. We hardly ever go to the mall, so it becomes a pretty interesting place when we do. 
The food court is fascinating to my kids with all of the glass windows and things suspended from the ceiling.
Carson decided that he wanted to eat there today also.

Panda Express
That night was the ceremony!  So about 30 little 5 years olds lined up, marched in and were handed certificates.  (After 2 songs and lots of waving!)
Last time in the preschool room.

He thought he was being sneaky..

How many more of these rabbit ear pictures will I see in the future..
proud grad!

I must admit, I was like, "graduation? seriously!" at first, but it was so much fun and he really enjoyed himself during the ceremony and afterwards.  It also gave us one more chance to visit with the other parents and the kids had one more chance to run around on the lawn of the center.
Hopefully this will be the first of others...if that's what he's into, I mean.

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Heather aka Proud Mama said...

What fun! Missing you guys.