Thursday, November 20, 2008

heat wave

You read that right, It was 88 degrees on Wednesday!
So we headed out to the zoo for the day.
We spent about 4 hours and checked it out.
The kids had a blast.
They watched the baby orangutan play peek a boo:

we actually got sunburned.

Carson had a blast, this is the first season that he has actually participated in watching and asking questions about the animals.
He was fascinated by the goats and their poop!
Here he was watching the clean up, He directed the zookeeper on where it was!

Anyway, we just went on our own, were gonna meet people but didn't so we were able to go at our own pace.
They played in the fountains

and trees

Leigh was glad to see the stingrays were back for the winter (they're snowbirds!)

They had new sharks and horseshoe crabs in with them too.
Thanks again to Gam for renewing our membership for us!

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