Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ash Wednesday

So yesterday was like the Ash Wednesday of Christmas...Yep 40 days away. Today we're under forty. I actually think that I may almost be done with the actual present shopping and am moving into the finishing stages. I do have some crafting to do; finishing a few gifts, making wrappings and putting my craft swap items that I made together.

I still LOVE this time of year. EVERY YEAR. I am looking forward to the next week of getting ready for Thanksgiving. This will be our first vegan celebration. In the past, we have had vegetarian but never vegan so I'm searching recipes, trying to put together the best possible meal.

The kids have been involved heavily in making their Meemaws' gifts. We have spent part of everyday working on them. (That's all I can say due to the readers of this blog....) Bryce and I have both gotten our gifts for the other siblings we have picked and I have either gifts or at least good ideas for the rest of our family.

I'll try to post pics in the next couple of weeks of the stuff we're doing.

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