Friday, September 5, 2008

Down the primrose path

On Tuesday, at SIX AM, a bunch of men came and pulled up our sidewalk in front of our house. There was some root damage from our trees out front.

The next morning, a bunch of trucks showed up and we were left with this:

Fresh wet concrete, calling out to us to do SOMETHING to it...
Carson couldn't help himself.

They came along about 1/2 hour later and smoothed that out though

I said to the one worker, "You didn't give us time to carve our names in it!" He replied, "Were you on a siesta? It's been here all morning!" **Sounds like the go-ahead to me!**
Well, after careful consideration and discussion with several people (including my husband and sister) I decided to set that bad example for my two kiddos...and put their initials and the year in the cement...

They can show their future loved ones with pride, and tell the story of their bad influence (but exciting) mommy.

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