Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm still trying to put down the emotion of the event that I witnessed yesterday.
Daddy was nice enough to take the kids to a pool party picnic dinner for just them! at a friends house while I was among my women friends for a moving event.

Chris (with Talia), Michelle (with Christian) and me

Birth On Labor Day
a phenomenal depiction of true birth stories as acted out by an awesome group of women. I went with several friends and sat with a few people who have been there (one in person) for my own birth experiences. There were tears in my eyes several times. Once out of joy and celebration and once out of sadness and despair for an unheard mother.

There was a birth fair outside of the play area. Participants included some sling artists,

Advocacy clothing

some doulas, photographers, AZ Birth Network, other birth professionals

and I got to see my past midwife and co.

Wendi, my midwife and I

After the play, I also go to participate on a very informed panel with a talk back about the play.

Michelle and I on the panel

I'm still filled with emotion about the subject matter and awe about the performance. At the end, the actresses all stood up together and each said, "I did it!" I wanted to yell out, "So did I!"

It reminded me that, "My Body Rocks!"

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JustALittleBit_Me said...

What an honor it was to share that day with you, and so many other wonderful women! I am still basking in the wonderful feelings, wanting to blog about it and not yet finding words that are adequate enough to express how I felt/feel about BOLD. Your pictures caught the experience quite well!