Sunday, February 22, 2015

A measure of Goodwill

A good will wedding!
Two of our friends who are avid Goodwillers, decided to get hitched at Goodwill in Tempe
This past week.  (on Valentine's Day actually)
They sent out invites to a "scavenger hunt"  and after the teams were divied up and everybody had their items collected and the winners were announced....they broke out the news that there was going to be a wedding!!
(I had insider info that this was happening....I kinda knew the officient..;-)

Elvis even showed up

Group of friends

Tommy and Lia Noble

The wedding party

Following that celebration, we walked over to Sweet Tomatoes for the "reception" and then loaded up and headed to the Kiwanis park for some outdoor fun.

Boys' paddleboat

Girls paddleboat

Silly Girls

Selfie with the boys

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