Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg hunts

Being a vegan, we didn't dye any eggs this year.
The kids still got to go to TWO different egg hunts:

The first was on Saturday at our friend Sandy's townhouse community.
They are very outgoing there.
The rain didn't deter anyone.
And they have old school playground equipment...nice!

Those eggs were filled with change.

The kids made enough to get Sonic slushies and a bag of suckers!

The SECOND egg hunt was on Easter at my friend Ruth's picnic.

Those eggs were filled with candy!

Some of which my kids didn't like..Darn!

It was a great day for it. Not too hot or cold, about 78 degrees.

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I just now stumbled across your blog, and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading it! I don't remember which post exactly it was, but you mentioned the Ergo baby carrier. I LOVE mine!!! Love it, love it, love it! My youngest at 3 1/2 is still enjoying it as well.:-)