Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Famous children:

I want to one of those mamas who write pages of witty prose or reflective lines or overly flowery, deep or intelligent dedicated tomes on each of their childrens' birthdays; or composes personal letters to them yearly (posted on their public blogs to the whole WWW), but well, I'm not.

Actually I don't even want to be come to think of it.

Today was Leigh's day. She was five. We let her decide what she wanted to do.

We started by visiting our friend Casey at his job (Office Max)

She's like me in that respect, all things office supply are fascinating! I especially like the displays there, so artfully arranged!

Anyway, next we went and played at the Chandler Mall play area while we waited for the Lego store to open!

She spent 45 minutes deciding on something in there.

She ended up getting a set and a PAB cup full of bricks. She even picked out something for Carson to get.

Then on to the Souper Salad for lunch
followed by the Dino museum. (Carson picked those two things for his birthday and she wanted to do the same.)

She put together a woolly mammoth puzzle with her daddy

We came home, [played with Legos for a bit then went to Chipotle for dinner.

By the time we got home from all of that, everyone was spent and there were some overly tired kids in the house. It was not too soon by the time we were ion bed and asleep.

It was 102 today in Scottsdale...I can't believe we are in the 100s already. Summer is on the way!
Tomorrow is Earth Day. I'll post more on our activities then.


ECW74 said...

By all accounts I think 102 counts as summer... oddly my sister said the same "summer is nearly here" thing to me yesterday. It is 50ish here... summer is coming - YIPPEE!

I jest!

Happy Birthday, Leigh!! I share your love of all things office supply :)

Karen said...

We should go on at trip to the Business Costco together! It's office supplies and restaurant supplies! It's a nerdy office/restaurant supply girls' wet dream!