Friday, May 3, 2013

A few days or so in a row..

Since I have been very busy with a variety of activities, I have fallen behind on the posts!  
I'm going to combine this past weeks posts instead...

We've had some visitors this week to our little home

There are 2 ducks, a couple who live in our neighborhood.
Apparently they have been coming here for 9 years according to our one neighbor.
They seem to like our shady front yard.

Also it appears that when we leave our gate open, they feel that our patio
is theirs.
Jesse, surprisingly, was OK with this fact.  I think he's just getting too old to care much.

Carson preparing for our upcoming vaca.

 First watermelon of the season...SWEET!
Followed immediately with night swimming (and hot-tubbing)

Last night we went to Skateland for a little skate time with a few friends.
Carson doesn't skate.
He plays games.  And wins tickets.
And trades them in for things like a huge blowup hammer....

Play, (Willy Wonka), band recital and choir concert rapidly approaching and then off to PA!

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